Our Story

The very established Sauvignon Bistro was born in 1998. Since then, it has been essential to us to provide a great eating atmosphere and fine dining. Our very comfortable seating, efficient service and wonderful food selections are very complimentary. We never leave anyone of our diners without those three necessities. We have very experienced staff that have been with us for over a decade, so count us on it!

Our success, however, comes from our unique dining experience, brought to you in a very sophisticated yet simple way. We take pride in Sauvignon Bistro’s very classical look and feel, along with the best food on the beaches. For over a decade we have been serving our diners food that they cannot stop coming back for. Our appetizers, main courses and desserts are absolutely delicious. We also recommend all types of wines to make your meal taste even better.

If you have a good eye for a good meal and a classical atmosphere, you will definitely come to love our very prestigious restaurant. Our splendid reviews* and diners will tell you that much. Sauvignon Bistro is a very authentic fresh market eclectic cuisine that you are sure to enjoy! Come down to Sauvignon Bistro for one of the finest dining experiences you will have, guaranteed... Bon Appetit!

* Check out some of our reviews at: yelp.ca & urbanspoon.com